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This site showcases the various Designs, Animations, and Art Directed projects that I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with throughout my 20+ year career.
Below you will find everything from Concept Boards, old school DVD menus, Set Design, Multi-Sport In-Game toolkit elements, On-Air Promos and Sales.
Each one of these holds a special place in 

2023 NFL Insert and GFX package Elements.

The FoxBox  The Evolution of looks.

FoxBox Touchdown Animation

SB57 Cleatus Bump

2023 SuperBowl Concept -  The Unpicked

2019 NFL Insert look concepts

NFL Promos

MLB Promos

NASCAR On-Set Monitor Animations.

These trigger-able animations and transitions were voiced by talent to cover stats and story lines throughout the NASCAR season.


UFC Promos

MLS Promos

BIG 3 On-Air Package Elements

College Basketball On-Air Promo


I started my career creating DVD menus for feature films.

I dabbled in some helicam action back in the day, way before drones were a thing. This was when you mounted a Canon 7D to the front of a 6ft long RC helicopter like any normal person would do.

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